Fire at Notre Dame: dropping water through the air is impossible

Pouring water on Notre-Dame de Paris to extinguish the flames is not an option, said Monday, April 15 in the evening, the Directorate General of Civil Security, because it could destroy the building in the grip of a violent fire.

These clarifications come in particular in response to a remark by US President Donald Trump. “It’s so terrible to witness this gigantic fire at Notre-Dame de Paris. Perhaps it would be necessary to use water bombers to extinguish it. We must act quickly, “he tweeted.

“Part of the spears have problems of elongation, we are more efficient inside,” said General Jean-Claude Gallet, commander of the fire brigade of Paris. About 400 firefighters are mobilized around the building, according to the Ministry of the Interior.

On site, rescue attempts to extinguish the fire with powerful water lances, perched on articulated arms several tens of meters high, according to images of AFP.

The fire, which spreads extremely fast, took in the attic of the cathedral, said firefighters. It seems to be part of scaffolding installed on the roof of the building, built between the twelfth and fourteenth century, according to firefighters.

Heritage Foundation Launches Tuesday “National Gathering”
A few hours after the outbreak of the devastating fire, Monday, April 15, the Notre-Dame Cathedral of Paris, the Heritage Foundation announced that it would launch, on Tuesday, a “national collection” for the reconstruction of the building.

“To meet multiple requests, the Heritage Foundation has decided to launch a national collection for the reconstruction of Notre-Dame de Paris,” the foundation said in a statement that it will be “accessible Tuesday, April 16 from at noon on the website “.

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