Notre-Dame de Paris, the most visited historical monument in Europe

Ravaged by a violent fire on Monday night, the famous cathedral of the thirteenth century is one of the symbols of the capital. Every year between 12 and 14 million people visit it.

The Notre-Dame de Paris cathedral, devastated Monday evening by a fire, is an emblematic building of France and the most visited historical monument of Europe. Between 12 and 14 million people, an average of more than 30,000 per day, visit each year this masterpiece of Gothic architecture located in the heart of Paris.

The construction of this church, begun in the mid-twelfth century, was spread over about 200 years. During the French Revolution, numerous acts of vandalism targeted the cathedral, which saw its dismounted spire, its treasure looted and the large statues of the portal destroyed.

A historical monument
The revolutionaries even organized a “Cult of Reason” on November 10, 1793, shortly before Catholic worship was banned in Paris. The cathedral is turned into a warehouse. Returned to the cult in 1802, she will be the central character of a novel by Victor Hugo published in 1831.

In the middle of the 19th century, the architect Eugène Viollet-le-Duc is responsible for its restoration. He works until the end of his life on this vast site of about twenty years. Our Lady was spared by the two world conflicts and it is her bells that announced, on August 25, 1944, the liberation of Paris. In 2013, the nine giant bells of the cathedral were replaced. His arrow, added by Viollet-le-Duc and collapsed Monday night, was under renovation.

In its walls were celebrated the victory of the Second World War, the beginning of the process of rehabilitation of Joan of Arc, the coronation of Napoleon I and, more recently, the funeral ceremonies in honor of heads of the State, like General de Gaulle.

The cathedral, which is also a Marian shrine raised to the rank of basilica, continues to function as a religious building: five offices are celebrated there daily, and seven on Sundays. With the celebrations and exceptional celebrations, there are more than 2,000 offices that resonate each year under its vaults.

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