Rebuilding Notre Dame in five years: a tax boost for donations

An international competition of architects, a tax support for donations and a bill for a national subscription: Prime Minister Philippe announced Wednesday a series of measures to hold the “immense challenge” to rebuild Notre-Dame de Paris in five years old, launched the day before by Emmanuel Macron.

The head of state gathered Wednesday several ministers and personalities at the Elysee to launch the gigantic construction site of Notre-Dame de Paris, partially destroyed by the flames Monday night, he wants to see completed in five years. Prime Minister Édouard Philippe announced in the wake of a bill to regulate donations, and measures to meet this “immense challenge” of reconstruction, deemed untenable by some heritage experts.

The government should also announce this Thursday a “training plan” to meet the challenge of labor poses the reconstruction of the cathedral.

75% tax reduction on private donations
After a council of ministers devoted to the rescue of the cathedral, Edouard Philippe announced a bill to give a “legal framework” to donations – which are now around one billion euros. They have indeed flocked from companies, businessmen, as individuals, fueling a controversy on the great French fortunes, accused of paying hundreds of millions of euros to heal their image while enjoying significant tax rebate.

The text provides for a tax exemption of 75% for those individuals up to 1,000 euros, against 66% beyond this amount, while “companies will benefit from tax cuts, called patronage, under the conditions current “. The reduction equivalent to 60% of the donation amount, with a cap of 0.5% of turnover. If this threshold is exceeded, companies can spread this tax benefit over five years.

“Each euro donated by individuals and companies, under this national subscription, would be dedicated to this one task, not something else,” he insisted.

The Pinault family, the majority shareholder of the Kering Group, announced Wednesday it waived any tax benefit related to the gift of 100 million euros announced the day before.

An international architectural competition for the replacement of the arrow
The goal of rebuilding Notre Dame in five years is considered difficult to achieve by specialists. After a meeting of public and Catholic actors involved in reconstruction at the Élysée, Stéphane Bern, in charge of a mission “Heritage” by the head of state, stressed that the president had “marked his will to go quick. But speed does not mean precipitation.

Should we rebuild the Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris exactly? Emmanuel Macron did not express a preference for the type of reconstruction, identical or with other materials, he said. An international competition of architects will be launched.

He will have to “decide the question of whether to rebuild an arrow, whether it must be reconstructed under the same conditions, identical to that imagined by Eugene Viollet-le-Duc in the nineteenth century,” or ” it is necessary (…) to equip itself with a new arrow adapted to the techniques and stakes of our time “, said Édouard Philippe.

The former Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces, General Jean-Louis Georgelin, appointed Special Representative by Emmanuel Macron, will control the operations.

Train stonecutters to rebuild the cathedral
The Secretary-General of the Companions of Duty, Jean-Claude Bellanger, warned Tuesday the Minister of Labor against a risk of labor shortage to carry out this gigantic construction site in a timely manner. It is already missing, according to him, a hundred stonecutters, 200 roofers and 150 carpenters. The reconstruction of Notre-Dame is likely to monopolize the current workers delaying all the restoration of other monuments, he said.

The ministers of Labor, Education and Culture, will meet this Thursday representatives of the sector to present measures to facilitate and encourage access to these trades.

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