Agram democratizes agricultural machinery for organic farming

The designer and distributor beauceron of agricultural machinery will launch in 2019 its own line adapted to organic or reasoned farming. In Agram’s viewfinder, co-owned by the Sigma Capital and Capitem Partenaires funds, the German and Austrian offerings, much more expensive, in this emerging market.

Within a few months, the first mechanical weeding machines, created by Agram’s design office in Chartres, will be marketed in France. They are on the one hand organic farms, which do not use any chemicals (weedkillers, insecticides). Reasoned and ultra-rational farming, which consumes fewer plant protection substances, is Agram’s second target. The SME is attacking this market with the ambition of popularizing the machines offered in the face of German and Austrian offerings, which offer high prices.

In question, the limited volumes of production due to the small number of organic farms or reasoned. In 2018, they accounted for less than 5% of total agricultural production in France. The development of this niche, which is expected to grow exponentially within five years, also pushes Agram (25 million revenues in 2018) to reinforce its commercial network across the territory. Already present in 21 agencies, the company will open three more, in Franche-Comté, Corrèze and Vaucluse, during the course of the year. On this occasion, Agram, chaired by Jean-Baptiste Gilbert, will recruit a dozen additional employees, bringing its workforce to 110 employees.

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