Should we rebuild the Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris exactly?

Should we rebuild the Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris exactly? Emmanuel Macron did not express a preference for the type of reconstruction, identical or with other materials, he said. An international competition of architects will be launched.

He will have to “decide the question of whether to rebuild an arrow, whether it must be reconstructed under the same conditions, identical to that imagined by Eugene Viollet-le-Duc in the nineteenth century,” or ” it is necessary (…) to equip itself with a new arrow adapted to the techniques and stakes of our time “, said Édouard Philippe.

The former Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces, General Jean-Louis Georgelin, appointed Special Representative by Emmanuel Macron, will control the operations.

Train stonecutters to rebuild the cathedral
The Secretary-General of the Companions of Duty, Jean-Claude Bellanger, warned Tuesday the Minister of Labor against a risk of labor shortage to carry out this gigantic construction site in a timely manner. It is already missing, according to him, a hundred stonecutters, 200 roofers and 150 carpenters. The reconstruction of Notre-Dame is likely to monopolize the current workers delaying all the restoration of other monuments, he said.

The ministers of Labor, Education and Culture, will meet this Thursday representatives of the sector to present measures to facilitate and encourage access to these trades.

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