SNPL line pilots threaten to strike hard in May

According to our information, the national union of airline pilots (SNPL), which represents all French companies but also Easyjet and Vueling, has sent a strike notice to Matignon and the Ministries of Transport and Labor to demand the maintenance of the specific representativeness of the pilots and the pension fund of the aircrew. A mail, sent to all company executives, specifies the dates of the notice: Monday, May 6 at 00:01 to Saturday, May 11 23:59. A referendum within the pilots has begun to be able to harden the movement.

One year after the 15-day strike at Air France, social tensions are back in the French sky. They do not concern only the Air France group like last year but all the French airlines (Aigle Azur, Air Austral, Air Caribbean, Corsair, XL Airways …) and foreign companies based in France as Easyjet and Vueling.

According to our information, the SNPL (National Union of Airline Pilots) has sent a notice of national strike to Prime Minister Edouard Philippe, Minister of Transport Elisabeth Borne and the Minister of Labor, Muriel Pénicaud. In a letter sent to all the leaders of the airlines that La Tribune procured, the SNPL specifies the dates: Monday, May 6 at 00:01 to Saturday, May 11 23:59.

The SNPL does not claim an improvement in working conditions or wages. But warns about the threat to maintain the specific representativeness of pilots in an airline industry that the pilots’ union fears to see appear in the law on mobility (LOM) that will to be examined in May in committee in the National Assembly.

The fear of seeing other categories of staff negotiating in their place
In which case, it would be the industry branch (in which the ground staff unions are the majority) that would negotiate all the specific topics to the pilots.

“A red line,” denounced the SNPL in a leaflet sent about ten days ago explaining that “this questioning is undoubtedly a prerequisite to the disappearance of our ability to negotiate at the company level. “

Another concern is the disappearance of the pension fund for aircrew (CRPN) in the framework of pension reform looming. The SNPL is asking for guarantees to maintain the current provisions.

A referendum was launched to allow the SNPL leadership to extend the conflict beyond six days and validate the pension strategy. When questioned, the union did not wish to comment. Matignon was not able to answer us. The Department of Transport no longer.

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