Why Attorney Robert Mueller Has Not Charged Donald Trump

According to some legal experts, the Mueller report contains extensive evidence of Donald Trump’s misdeeds. They suggest that if, despite this solid foundation, the prosecutor has not prosecuted, it is by virtue of an unspoken law that, since Watergate, wants the Department of Justice (DoJ) not to President in office. And conclude that this report leaves room for Congress to seize the file …

Prosecutor Robert Mueller’s report, a redacted version of which was released Thursday, excludes collusion between Donald Trump’s team and Russia, but legal analysts have seen in the document enough evidence for the US Congress to seize and investigate.

“The evidence we obtained about the actions and intent of the President presents some difficult points that prevent us from conclusively determining that no criminal conduct has occurred.” Accordingly, while this report does not conclude that the president has committed a crime, it does not exonerate it either “, one can notably read in the report of 448 pages, which is the fruit of 22 months of investigation.

Passed to Congress in the day, in a pre-election context where Donald Trump is already campaigning for re-election in 2020 and the candidates for the Democratic primary criss-cross the country, the Mueller report has revived tensions between the presidency and the democratic camp.

Democrats pointed out that the document contained disturbing evidence of mischief committed by Donald Trump and that these elements could be used by Congressional committees for investigative purposes.

Legal experts between assumptions and extrapolations
Several legal experts share this vision of the Mueller report. They noted that the prosecutor had a solid basis for taking legal action against Trump for obstructing justice.

But, according to them, Mueller did not prosecute because of a custom dating back to the “Watergate” scandal in the early 1970s that the Department of Justice is not charging a president with function.

According to Jens Ohlin, a professor of law at Cornell University, the Mueller report presents “truly comprehensive evidence, both in terms of the number of incidents and their severity”.

“A nod from Mueller” to Congress to take the case?
The Special Prosecutor’s findings include Trump’s behavior with respect to law enforcement officials and witnesses. He further notes that the Congress has the prerogatives to verify the actions of the occupant of the White House, a remark that at least five legal experts consider for the Congress to seize the file.

“There’s a wink, and a nod, and another wink to Congress to tell him: I have a lot of evidence, the ball is now in your court,” says Jessica Levinson, a teacher. at Loyola Law School, Los Angeles.

Democrats want a full copy of the report
Democratic House Judiciary Chairman Jerrold Nadler said he would try to get the original version of the Mueller report and said he had asked the special prosecutor to testify before the commission on May 23. next.

“The special prosecutor made it clear that he was not exonerating the president, and the responsibility for keeping the president accountable now rests with Congress,” he said.

Trump still supported by his Republican troops
But, in the eyes of Republican Rep. Doug Collins, Attorney Mueller is not urging Congress to consider the elements in the report that could incriminate Donald Trump.

“The report does not say that the Congress must now investigate an obstruction of justice.It says Congress can establish laws” in this regard, he said on Twitter.

No comments were made by a spokesman for Robert Mueller.

Donald Trump’s legal team views the report’s findings as “a total victory” for the president.

“If they thought there was an obstruction, they would have brought the case to court, but that is not the case,” said Jay Sekulow, one of Trump’s lawyers, in an interview.

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