Diet measures pushed back, angry farmers

The orders attached to the Food law are “postponed” because of the movement of “yellow vests” and will be applied “in January or February,” said Wednesday, December 5 the Minister of Agriculture Didier Guillaume. Farmers will beat the pavement all week long to say “stop at bludgeoning”.

At a time when purchasing power is at the heart of the disputes, especially the “yellow vests”, the ordinances of the Food Law on the raising of the threshold of resale at a loss and the promotions “are postponed because now there are ‘other hot topics’, recognized Didier Guillaume, the Minister of Agriculture, at our colleagues CNews. They were to be presented this Wednesday in the Council of Ministers.

“The orders will be applied in January or February,” before the end of annual negotiations with large retailers, he nonetheless assured.

The objective of the reform is to make the purchase prices of agricultural products more remunerative for farmers, notably by raising the resale threshold at a loss and by framing promotions. Today, when a sign buys the producer a product for 1 euro, it must resell at least 1 euro. With this reform, this same product can not be resold at less than 1.10 euro.

This delay justified by the preservation of the purchasing power of consumers penalizes farmers against distributors, who have fought long against certain provisions of the Food Law. They had already requested the postponement of enforcement until January 2019, citing Christmas promotions.

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Farmer demonstrations for a week
Christiane Lambert, president of the FNSEA, told AFP that farmers will demonstrate all next week, at different dates depending on the territories. She warns: “It is postponed (the implementation of the law food, Ed) but it is not necessary that there is a retreat from the government”.

“Farmers want to send a message to the government, to say ‘stop at agri-bashing’, stop being scapegoats, stop being always criticized because we would do too much of this or that. because we would use too many phytosanitary products “, analyzed Didier Guillaume.

“Today, it is no longer possible for farmers to be strangled in trade negotiations,” the minister insisted.

The minister is however skeptical about farmers’ participation in the “yellow vests” movement. “These are not the same claims (…) On the other hand we must hear messages that are substantially the same, sometimes”. Moreover, Christiane Lambert herself said Monday that this movement of farmers would not rally that of “Yellow Vests”, referring to “specific issues in our fields.”

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