IA: The European Union presents its collaborative platform with a strong French accent

The latest European project on artificial intelligence, IA4EU, was presented on the occasion of the first European Night of Artificial Intelligence organized this Thursday in Paris. Led by different French actors, it aims to create a collaborative platform for European researchers and companies.

“We must distinguish ourselves, not only by our regulations, but also by our culture,” pleads MP Cédric Villani about artificial intelligence, opening the first European Night of AI, organized in Paris. LREM’s “sir IA” has come to support the future IA4EU (artificial intelligence for the European Union) platform, which will be launched this summer according to Patrick Gatellier, R & G manager at Thales and coordinator of the project. Its aim will be to promote an ethical European view of AI, and offer support for research projects and the search for funding for companies in the sector. The platform will contain a search engine dedicated to AI, a space to make available datasets, and resources to test algorithms and other prototypes. If the outline of the project is drawn, the details are not yet settled.

France more than ever locomotive of the European IA
79 public and private partners from 21 countries (out of 28 EU members) are participating in this € 20 million project over three years funded by the European Commission. Beyond this diversity, it is France that pulls IA4EU. Thales coordinates the project while the professional federation of digital France Digitale is the main organizer. The Qwant editor will be in charge of creating the search engine of the platform, and the French giant OVH will host it on its cloud. The icing on the cake, IA4EU has established its first partnership to promote artificial intelligence with … the Île-de-France region.

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France hopes to make the ethical values ​​it promotes to distinguish itself from the American and Chinese giants on a European scale. Mohammed Adnène Trojette, advisor to the president and the prime minister, to deliver the speech of the secretary of state to the digital, Cédric O, who was absent, abounded in this direction.

“We need to promote a humanistic vision of AI, we need to define the balance between the technological breakthrough and the protection of our values,” he said at the introductory conference.

To ensure that this line is respected, IA4EU will be provided with an ethical council formed by actors outside the project, in addition to industrial and scientific advice. The institution will also support research on the explicability and verifiability of algorithms, two essential issues of transparency to help understand the decisions made by artificial intelligences. The platform should have different bridges with the many European initiatives dedicated to AI. Eight pilot industrial projects will be completed by the end of the year.

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