Trump triumphs after the publication of the Mueller report

The special prosecutor did not establish a “collusion” between the Trump campaign team and Moscow. Surprisingly, he said, in the same movement, unable to decide on a possible obstruction of justice of the President of the United States. The Democratic Party accuses the power of giving a partial view of the report.

Prosecutor Robert Mueller’s report, a redacted version of which was made public on Thursday, excludes any collusion between Donald Trump’s teams and Russian power but highlights, without being able to settle, a series of incidents that tend to show that the President sought to impede the course of the investigation and questions about a possible obstruction of the course of justice.

“The evidence we obtained about the actions and intent of the President presents some difficult points that prevent us from conclusively determining that no criminal conduct has occurred.” Accordingly, while this report does not conclude that the president has committed a crime, he does not exonerate him either “, can we read in particular.

22 months of investigation, 448 pages
This 448-page report is the result of 22 months of investigation into a case that began to hover over the Trump presidency even before its inauguration.

For the presidential camp, he whitens Donald Trump. The Democratic opposition, the majority in the House of Representatives, insists on the “disturbing elements” contained in the Mueller report.

Before passing it on to the Congress, Attorney General William Barr has a new defense on Thursday the US President, echoing the arguments he had already developed when he received this report on March 22nd.

“The Russian government tried to interfere in our electoral process but, thanks to the careful investigation of the special prosecutor, we know that the Russian agents who undertook these designs did not receive the help of President Trump or the Trump campaign, “he said at a press conference.

The ‘troubling incidents’
Concluding yet again that Trump had not violated the law, he admitted, however, that Robert Mueller had identified a dozen incidents involving the US president and sought to know whether they were facts that could constitute an obstruction to Justice.

Why did Trump want to have Mueller dismissed?
The report mentions, for example, how, in June 2017, a month after the appointment of the Special Prosecutor by the Justice Department’s number two, the President ordered Don McGahn, a presidential advisor, to declare that there was had conflicts of interest around the personality of Robert Mueller and recommend that he be sacked. The counselor did not follow up on this instruction.

Why was James Comey, the head of the FBI, sacked?
There is also “substantial evidence,” the report says, that former FBI director James Comey, who was brutally fired in May 2017, was ousted for “refusing to publicly declare that the president was not personally targeted by investigation”.

Mueller also cites evidence that Trump knew that his former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn had bad contacts with the Russian ambassador prior to his inauguration.

These elements, however, proved insufficient to conclude that there had been a genuine desire to commit a crime of obstruction of justice.

Trump’s triumphalist tweet
“NO OBSTRUCTION, NO COLLUSION, FOR THE DETRACTORS AND THE LEFT RADICAL DEMOCRATIC: GAME OVER”, commented Trump on Twitter by taking again the graphic codes of the American series to success Game of Thrones.

In another tweet published in the evening, the US president said that Barack Obama had been informed of the actions of the Russians and “did nothing”.

“The most important thing is that the vote has not been affected,” added Trump.

His legal team welcomed:

“The results of this investigation are a total victory for the president.The report highlights what we have been arguing since the very beginning: there was no obstruction.”

Democrats blame William Barr and want to hear Mueller
The report was sent to the Congress during the day and, in a pre-election context where the occupant of the White House is already campaigning for re-election in 2020 and the candidates for the Democratic primary crisscross the country he revived tensions between the presidency and the Democratic camp.

Nancy Pelosi, Democratic Speaker in the House of Representatives, condemned on Twitter the attitude of the Attorney General.

“It is obvious that the Attorney General Barr behaves like Donald Trump’s personal advocate and not like America’s, and our country demands and deserves full transparency, which is why we have to hear Mueller”. she said.

In a joint statement co-signed with Chuck Schumer, leader of the Democratic minority in the Senate, she then highlighted the “blatant differences” between what Barr and Mueller say about a presidential obstruction.

“As we continue to review this report, one thing is clear: Attorney General Barr has presented the conclusion that the President had no impediment to justice while Mueller’s report seems to diminish this finding,” he added. they.

Objective: To obtain the full version of Mueller’s report
The Democratic Chair of the Judiciary Committee of the House of Representatives, Jerrold Nadler, said he would try to get the original version of the Mueller report and added that he had asked the special prosecutor to testify before the commission. May 23rd.

“Even in its incomplete form, the Mueller report presents troubling evidence that President Trump has embarked on an obstruction of justice and other misconduct,” he said.

“The special prosecutor made it clear that he was not exonerating the president, and the responsibility for keeping the president accountable now rests with Congress,” he added.

“Many links” with the Russian government but not conspiracy
Mueller, a former FBI director, also exhumed “numerous links” between Donald Trump’s campaign team and the Russian government. But his report concludes that “this investigation did not establish that members of the Trump campaign conspired or coordinated with the Russian government in its activities of electoral interference”.

The report also provides an overview of the exchanges between Trump and its collaborators.

At the announcement of the appointment of Mueller, Trump collapses: “I’m fucked”
In particular, a striking scene on May 17, 2017, in the White House Oval Office, the day that Justice Department number two, Rod Rosenstein, designates Special Attorney Mueller.
“When (former Attorney General Jeff) Sessions informed the president that a special prosecutor had been appointed, can it read, the president slumped in his chair and said ‘Oh my God. It’s the end of my presidency, I’m screwed up. “(Literally,” I’m fucked. “)

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