Europeans: the RN at 24% ahead of LREM at 22.5%, the Greens 3rd

The party of Marine Le Pen arrived at the top of the European elections in France, before the list gathering the party of Emmanuel Macron and the Modem. The Greens, at 13%, ahead of LR at 8%. France Insoumise is knee-to-shoulder with the PS-Place list around 6.5%. In Europe, the EPP group (right) should remain the leading party.

The National Gathering arrived this Sunday, May 26 at the top of the European elections in France, before the alliance The Republic in progress (LREM) -Modem, with more than 24% of the votes, according to the first estimates of Ifop-Fiducial for Paris Match, CNEWS and South Radio.

The list Europe Ecology-The Greens, led by Yannick Jadot, achieved a breakthrough that the polls had not anticipated, with 13%, which puts it in third position. The Republicans (LR), led by François-Xavier Bellamy are fourth, with 8%, at several points of the voting intentions they were credited during the campaign.

The list Socialist Party-Place public, led by Raphael Glucksmann, and that of France insubordinate (LFI), with Manon Aubry as the head of list, are elbow-to-elbow, at 6.5% and 6.3% respectively .

The other lists are below the threshold of 5% needed to have elected representatives in the European Parliament, including those of Nicolas Dupont-Aignan (3.5%), Benoît Hamon (3%), Communist Ian Brossat (2.5% ) and centrist Jean-Christophe Lagarde (2.4%).

According to projections from the Harris Institute, the RN could have between 22 and 26 MEPs, LREM between 20 and 24 seats, EELV-The Greens between 11 and 14 MEPs, Republicans between 7 and 10, PS-Place public and La France Unsubmitted each 5 to 8 seats.

The final participation rate has been estimated at between 50% and 54%, a sharp rise.

Participation at the highest level in Europe for 20 years
Across Europe, participation has risen sharply: it would be at its highest level in twenty years, between 49 and 52% (compared to 42% in 2014), according to the European Parliament’s estimates.

The first group will remain that of the European People’s Party (EPP, right-center right) with 173 seats out of 751 according to Kantar projections for the European Parliament. The second force will remain the Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats with 147 MEPs. The third party will now be the Progressive Alliance of Liberals and Democrats (ALDE), including LREM, with 102 seats, ahead of the Greens with 71 elected, or 19 more. The European Conservatives and Reformists Party (CRE) retrogressed from third to fifth place with 58 seats.

On the side of the eurosceptics, Europe of Nations and Liberties (which include the RN in France and the League of Matteo Salvini) will have 57 deputies (11 more), while Europe of freedom and direct democracy will have 56 The European United Left (GUE), which includes the French PC and Syriza party of Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras, will lose some seats to about 42.

Projections of the number of French MEPs give a small lead to the RN (Europe of Nations and Liberties group) with 22 elected in front of LREM (ALDE) with 21 seats, followed by the Greens (12 elected), LR (EPP, 7 seats ).

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