The electric bike upsets the uses

The significant increase in sales of electric-assisted bicycles, which are very popular for everyday journeys, is changing the situation in the bicycle market.

Once again, it was only about him or almost! The power-assisted bicycle was once again the undisputed star in the presentation of the 2018 figures for the French and European bicycle markets. The Union Sport & Cycle, which is the source of this study each year, has thus revealed data from a year of “positive consolidation after the strong growth of 2017”.

There are 2.7 million bicycles sold in France last year, 100,000 less than the previous year. However, revenue from sales grew by 2.3% (2.1 billion euros in total). The bikes are a little less sold, but more expensive.

This is where the electric-assisted bike (VAE) occupies space: the French are tearing it away! 338,000 units were sold in 2018, 21% more than in 2017. As a reminder, it sold 15,000 in 2008 … The electric bike today represents 40% of the total value of sales of the market. And for good reason: its high price weighs heavily in the balance. Depending on the distribution channel chosen, the models are between 500 … and 10 000 euros!

VAE included, the average price of a bike in France was 493 in 2018. VAE excluded, it was 337 euros …

Ideal to go to the office?
According to a study still in progress, conducted by the Union Sport & Cycle and Crédit Lyonnais, revealed in part with the presentation of the 2018 market figures, the share of daily use of the bike continues to grow in recent years. years. A use that today represents 24% of trips, when commuting to work, it weighs for 9%. It’s a safe bet that the rise of the electric bike is for something, between the financial incentives put in place for the French to get on the bike and the comfort offered by the VAE (possibility of journeys medium / long without effort , without arriving at the office sweaty!).

Especially since we always find more models for sale and therefore, cheaper e-bikes. VAE “city” represents 60% of the electricity market, far ahead of the mountain bike (19%), which also seems to have a bright future.

According to an Ipsos poll for Mobivia, published at the end of last year, 42% of French people say they are “interested” in buying an electric bike. Six more points in two years.

Last year, 2.6 million e-bikes sold in Europe. With nearly 390,000 copies, France is the third largest market, behind the Netherlands (409,000) and very far from Germany (980,000 VAE!).

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