Company visits: the confectioner Kubli opens its doors to “enhance the teams”

This SME with 25 employees in Morangis (Essonne) welcomes visitors to show its know-how and reassure gourmets about the composition of its products.

In the noisy workshop, filled with hundred-year-old machines, a strong worker protected by thick gloves carries the “coming”, this paste of 40 kg of sugar and glucose syrup. He places it on a cast iron table, on which it will be cooled from 140 to 80 degrees, to work it. In the old way, the worker smooths the dough with his apron. Aromas and citric acid (natural) will then be incorporated to awaken the taste, before this mixture is transformed into long streamers which will be cut and then wrapped in foil wraps.

At the end of the chain, the candies will go to the Metro brand, Auchan, but also Fortnum & Mason, a very chic London tea brand, or packaged in Eiffel Tower boxes to be sold at Disneyland. Business school students who visit the site that day ask many questions, from the percentage of waste to the VAT rate.
“Before, we were ashamed of our factories. It was Zola “

It has been ten years, almost to the day, that Gilles Duault, a former salesperson in yogurt and then charcuterie, launched out by buying Kubli, an SME with 25 employees based in Morangis (Essonne). At the time, the company, created in 1900, lost money. In a few years, he straightens it. Kubli, with its 2.3 million euros in annual turnover, is now a beneficiary, and produces 500 tonnes of sugared almonds, berlingots, peanut puffs and other violet sweets.

Five years ago, this passionate boss decided to go behind the scenes of his factory, whether to adults, children teeming with questions, or to teens reluctant to put the charlotte for the visit. Admittedly, the sales in the small shop, at the end of the course, bring in 15,000 euros per year. But that is not the main point: “it also helps to enhance the teams. And then before, we were ashamed of our factories, it was Zola. However, I am proud of my industrial tool as well as of my products ”.

This is good: whether during open houses, heritage days or school visits, more and more consumers want to know the secrets of manufacturing products. Reassuring them has also become essential, especially in an industry where products are often criticized.
Visitors looking at the Yuca app

In front of the students of the day, who use the Yuca application (which identifies the nutritional qualities and defects of food products) and say “reassured by the fact that we put few ingredients in a candy”, the owner of the confectionery explains that here, “we don’t work with any animal material: except honey, we’re almost vegan”! And every Monday, from now on, the entire production is organic – “the only limit to this development is prices …”, regrets Gilles Duault.

In France, where the consumption of sweets is half as low as in Sweden, his sweets are hard, and remain 5 minutes in the mouth, “not like all the jellies that are eaten with a shovel”. He knows, however, that with Nutriscore or Yuka, his products are in the red. But the students present understood the idea: “You must eat in moderation”.

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