Industrial tourism: a backpacker’s guide to discover… businesses

A chocolate factory, a central or a cutlery: the second edition of the “Backpacker for the company visit” offers some 450 addresses. A good way for brands – large and small – to reassure consumers.

Are you arriving in a new region and hesitating between discovering a prestigious museum or having fun in a large restaurant? And why not, to change, to visit a local company, whether it is a cookie factory, an EDF power station, a cutlery, a chocolate factory? This is the choice that 15 million French people made last year, a figure that has risen sharply in recent years.

On the strength of this observation, the famous Guide du routard, hand in hand with the association Entreprise et Découverte, publishes a new edition of its Routard of the “Visite d’Entreprise en France”, printed in 25,000 copies (against 15,000 the previous year), and in which 450 companies – among the 2,000 that can be visited in France – are listed.

Practical information, visit times, prices (on average 5.90 euros per visitor)… In this guide, available in bookstores since December 11 (at the price of 10 euros), large groups such as Airbus in Toulouse (Haute-Garonne) are listed. or the STX shipyards in Saint-Nazaire (Loire-Atlantique), but also and above all a host of small companies in the food and wine and spirits industries.
“After a visit, people no longer consume the same”

The companies that play the game gain notoriety and attract new customers: after a visit, 60% of consumers remain loyal. Without forgetting a small gain in turnover, if visitors pass at the end of the journey through the boutique.

“But it is also and above all the time to reassure and educate consumers, at a time when they are full of questions about the origin of the products, the way in which ready-made dishes are made, how to read a label , or why the products Made in France are more expensive than the others, “lists Cécile Pierre, the General Delegate of Enterprise and Discovery, convinced” that after a visit, people no longer consume in the same way “. Among the new companies to discover in 2020, the Boehli Bretzels Factory (Bas-Rhin) or the Pierre Oteiza saltings in the Basque Country.
Reassure clients, encourage vocations

For Philippe Gloaguen, the boss of Le Routard, who spent his studies at a business school, “this book is also a tool for reconciling the French with the sometimes nebulous, even frightening, world of business”.

Suspicious consumers will also find their account there: by opening their doors to them, leading brands in the food industry sometimes criticized, such as Fleury Michon or Brioche Pasquier have a golden opportunity to show their expertise and reassure their clients. Finally, these visits can serve as triggers for young people who are looking for their way: children and adolescents are often the number one target of these visits.

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