The controversial McDonald’s on the island of Oléron has finally opened its doors discreetly

The inauguration took place this Thursday without advertising and under the watchful eye of a handful of security guards, on the island of Charente-Maritime.

The showdown lasted five years, before the fast-food chain finally won its case and a McDonald’s finally opened its doors this Thursday in Dolus, on the island of Oleron, in Charente -Maritime. An inauguration without advertising and under the watchful eye of a handful of security guards. Management delayed the event, which was originally supposed to take place before the summer, by denouncing “intimidation maneuvers”.

The group of opponents of this project, which the environmental mayor of Dolus took the lead, opposed the establishment of this restaurant in a commercial area, arguing for safety reasons. The town hall now ensures that the legal battle is not over.
An “accident-causing” risk

In December 2018, the town hall of Dolus was enjoined by the Poitiers administrative court, then by the Bordeaux administrative court of appeal, to issue the building permit for the restaurant.

For years, the environmental mayor Grégory Gendre, a former member of Greenpeace, has opposed the project, issuing building permit refusal orders, notably citing an “accident-causing” risk due to insufficient road access to the restaurant.

The town hall has appealed to the Court of Cassation, and the Council of State “will have to judge whether or not access to the restaurant is accident-prone while the population of the island quintuple in summer”, indicated this Thursday Me Julien Marceau, lawyer of the town hall.
Legal action by two city dwellers

According to the mayor, added to the road risk is a “hydraulic risk”, the restaurant being installed on a site which has experienced several floods since the summer, “due to the artificialisation of the soil, of a water network rain that saturates ”.

He agrees that this is not only due to McDonald’s, but the restaurant he says is building a parking extension which will make the problem worse. He indicated that he intended to continue the sign for extension without authorization.

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