Elon Musk hopes to see the end of his Las Vegas tunnel in 2020

Tesla’s boss tweeted information about plans to transport passengers by autonomous electric vehicles through a tunnel to unclog the city of Las Vegas, which is slated to expand the exhibition center.

Las Vegas tunnel built by Elon Musk’s The Boring Company is expected to be completed and ready for use next year, billionaire tweet posted on Saturday in response to social media user .

“Boring Co completes its first commercial tunnel in Vegas, from the Convention Center to the Strip (main boulevard lined with hotels and casinos, editor’s note), then it will tackle other projects,” said the entrepreneur, also boss of Tesla (electric cars) and SpaceX (space rockets). “Hopefully (it will be) fully operational in 2020,” he added.
Expansion of the large exhibition center

Las Vegas authorities chose Elon Musk’s company last March to design, build and manage a loop of tunnels capable of transporting passengers in high-speed autonomous electric vehicles, as part of the expansion of the large center of city exhibitions.

The whimsical boss, who loves ambitious announcements, had then tweeted that the tunnel “should be operational by the end of the year” 2019. He has been working for several years on a futuristic train, Hyperloop, supposed to circulate large capsules at very high speed in tubes, under vacuum. In March, the cost of building the tunnel was estimated at between $ 35 million and $ 55 million. Once the expansion works are completed, the Las Vegas exhibition center must extend over 81 hectares, 3.2 kilometers between the two ends.
Avoid traffic jams

Elon Musk, who founded The Boring Company to develop ad hoc technologies, presented a year ago near Los Angeles a “tunnel test” of this project supposed to revolutionize urban transport by bypassing traffic jams from below. The idea came to him as he rumbled behind the wheel of his car, stuck in traffic jams between his chic Bel Air villa and the SpaceX offices in Hawthorne, central Los Angeles.

Ultimately, the idea is to allow thousands of electric and autonomous vehicles to roam the underground of cities at a speed approaching 250 km / h.

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