There are more than 5000 new infections in Germany, and Bavaria and North Rhine-Westphalia are still severely affected. The UN warns of bio-terrorist attacks. The overview.

According to the study, the number of unreported cases in Austria is three times as high

10:38: According to a dark figure study, significantly more people are infected with the corona virus in Austria than officially reported. Compared to the approximately 8,500 people who were official at the beginning of April, around 28,500 people were actually affected, said the polling institute Sora on Friday. That corresponds to 0.33 percent of the population. However, the range of fluctuation is considerable: a range between 10,200 and 67,400 infected people can be assumed.

“The mountain is higher than expected and we are definitely not yet on the safe side,” said Research Minister Heinz Faßmann. The projected infection rate indicates a still low immunization status in the population. If it is not possible to prevent new infections, exponential growth in the number of cases quickly threatens again, the minister said.

For the study, the polling institute Sora had around 1,500 people tested for the virus. It is a piece of the mosaic for research into the lung disease Covid-19, said expert Christoph Hofinger.

Johnson’s father does not believe in a quick return to office

10:25 am: The father of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who has Covid-19, does not believe that his son will quickly return to office. «It takes time. I can’t believe that you can go through this and go straight back downing and take the reins without a period of readjustment, ”Stanley Johnson told BBC 4. His son wasn’t over the mountain yet .

Johnson had spent three days in St. Thomas’ intensive care unit in London after his health deteriorated. Now he was relocated to a normal ward. He was “extremely good things,” it said in a message. He is now in the early phase of his recovery and will continue to be closely monitored.

Johnson is currently represented by Secretary of State Dominic Raab. But he does not have the powers of the prime minister. Britain’s unwritten constitution does not provide clear rules in the event that the head of government fails.

The country is probably facing the worst in the coronavirus pandemic. As of Wednesday evening, the government reported 881 new deaths. In total, the number of deaths rose to just under 8,000. The number of deaths in nursing homes has not been included so far. The number of people who tested positive in the UK rose to 65,077.

Figures in Germany continue to rise

10:08 a.m .: The number of people infected with the coronavirus in Germany rose by 5,323. The Robert Koch Institute (RKI) reports. According to the RKI, the total number of people who tested positive was 113,525. A total of 2,373 people in Germany have died as a result of an infection.

Bavaria has the most infections in a federal state, 30,363 infections are confirmed according to the RKI. There are 23,028 confirmed cases in North Rhine-Westphalia and 22,433 in Baden-Würrtemberg. According to the RKI, Bavaria and North Rhine-Westphalia are also the federal states with the most new infections.

Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore reports the numbers slightly higher. According to this, 118,235 people have already become infected in Germany, and 2607 have died. The RKI only takes into account the electronically transmitted figures for the federal states and updates its list once a day. Researchers at Johns Hopkins University, on the other hand, research the Internet for publicly available sources and skim the numbers there. That is why the numbers from the US University are more up to date.
Nursing home in Sankt Augustin cannot keep running

9.30 a.m .: A nursing home in Sankt Augustin in North Rhine-Westphalia has asked the emergency services for support. According to several media reports, the home cannot continue to operate because all nurses have tested positive for the corona virus.

As the WDR reports, 70 residents are also infected with the virus. The city called on nurses in the region to help in the home on Thursday. On Friday, the district crisis team is to advise whether the home may be closed.

New website for children at risk of violence

8:55 am: A nationwide offer is to offer faster help to children at risk of violence in the corona crisis and to make citizens more vigilant. At, children and young people who are threatened by family or sexual violence could get direct help via chat, for example, the Federal Government Abuse Officer, Johannes-Wilhelm Rörig, said on Thursday.

There they would also find an anonymous telephone hotline (0800-2255530) and the contact details of advice centers. The campaign was an urgent “appeal to the population not to lose sight of children in the current dramatic situation,” said Rörig.

The initiative should also encourage adults to be vigilant. On the page, flyers and material for sharing on social networks are available, as well as tips on how to behave when suspected of sexual and other family violence in the area. Federal Minister of Family Affairs Franziska Giffey (SPD) warned, among other things, that the contact blocks imposed due to the corona pandemic and the isolation could lead to more violence against children.

Brandenburg’s Prime Minister Woidke warns of an early easing debate

8:34 am: According to Brandenburg’s Prime Minister Dietmar Woidke (SPD), the restrictions in the corona crisis should not be questioned too early: “Only when the situation improves significantly and sustainably will we pull the drawer with the successive exit plans. One thing is certain: we will do not switch from zero to a hundred, “said the President-in-Office of the Bundesrat to the German Press Agency.

“There are important prerequisites that we have to meet: for example, further expansion of test capacities, good basic care with protective equipment and needs-based equipment with intensive care beds,” said the politician.

Woidke believes the timing for easing conditions is still open. “I am not participating in relaxation exercises. We are now right in the middle of the pandemic,” said Woidke. “We will continue to face limitations for a long time, which does not mean that there cannot be a return to relatively normal life in certain areas beforehand.”

When that will be, is completely open. “We will work closely with the federal government and other countries next Wednesday.” The coordination between the federal states and the Chancellery now works “really well”. “It welds together. And what’s really good now: party politics doesn’t matter.”

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