Ski resorts: winter sports companies will be able to resort to partial unemployment

The measure will thus concern seasonal workers who are the subject of a renewal of the employment contract “or those who have a promise of employment, said the Ministry of Labor, after announcing the closure of the ski lifts.

The device of partial activity will be extended to companies in the winter sports sector, while ski lifts will be closed in ski resorts for the end of the year celebrations, the Ministry of Labor announced on Monday in a report. communicated.

“In order to allow professionals in the sector without delay to secure the hiring of seasonal workers, the government has decided to grant the benefit of partial activity to the companies concerned until the resumption of activity in the resorts”, declared the ministry.

Seasonal workers can benefit from this system if they have already been hired last season and “are subject to a renewal of the employment contract” or if they have a promise of employment signed before December 1 for the 2020-2021 season.

On Thursday, Prime Minister Jean Castex announced the opening of ski resorts for the end-of-year holiday period but accompanied by a ban on ski lifts.

An “incomprehensible” announcement for professionals in a sector which weighs 10 billion euros in economic benefits and 120,000 seasonal jobs according to the National Association of Mayors of Mountain Stations (ANMSM).

It is “much better to consider a reopening in January under good conditions,” said the Ministry of Labor.

“We are well aware that this gap is a blow to the economic activity of mountain resorts”, assured the Minister of Labor Elisabeth Borne in the press release.

But recourse to partial activity “will thus make it possible to secure the recruitments of seasonal workers with a view to the reopening of stations and to facilitate the restart when activity can resume,” she added.

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